About Us

Sophie’s Family

My medically fragile, special needs daughter, Sophie, is twenty two years old. (pictured). She is literally and figuratively one in a million. Her underlying diagnosis is an orphan disease. It is a genetic disorder whose name has changed at least twice since she was born.

My son, Billy, is fifteen and is a pretty typical teenage boy. He is an online gamer. He also watches 13432367_1139215569434220_7325794110601316813_nYouTube video of other gamers playing online games. He likes online games. He is a good student, a nice guy and Sophie’s brother. Being Sophie’s brother has never been easy. He has done it very well but he pays a price everyday for something he never signed up for. I am very proud of both of my children.

Their mother, Jody, is a lioness, a hero, a force of nature and sometimes a pain in my butt. Don’t focus on the last trait. The first three are awesome, right?

In addition, as Sophie’s talker says, “we have a dog, three cats and a fish”. There are also several very small coi in a small, dirty, but aerated pond in the backyard

I am a special needs dad with twenty two years experience.

The Mission

Our mission encompasses education, service, inspiration and hope. My principal concern is the health and well being of special needs parents.

 HelpingSpecialFamilies.com was conceived and established to help special parents. Some of this help is specifically designed for use by parents in the form of writing, courses and video. Without minimizing the support parents can draw directly from us, we are the tip of their massive iceberg of help. But there is a wrinkle.

The most powerful tools and services we provide cannot be used effectively by the parents themselves. They are already too busy, too tired and too everything. We put tools in the hands of people who care most about each special family. We can help these loved ones give the special parents what they need most, time. They need the time to care for themselves and for each other.

Parents that wisely use the time provided are better able to care for their children.  Most special needs families have no idea how many people love them; these people will help if they know how. We can help these caring people help the special family in your life.


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