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Everyone was laughing, Sophie most of all.  After waiting in the doctor’s office, we were headed home.  Sophie, like most of us, does not like to wait. Sophie did not have to wait anymore today and she was pumped up!  We were all laughing because Sophie was laughing; it was her most infectious, raucous laugh. It is a very loud belly laugh with a few high pitched notes for punctuation.

She was so excited that she he was rocking the van. She literally moved the van from side to side. (Strong wheelchair tie downs) She gets some very interesting looks whenever we are stopped in traffic and she’s rocking. Sophie was happy. That was a great afternoon, for Sophie and for our whole family. Sophie is my daughter. She is, without doubt, the happiest person I know. We treasure these kind of moments.

You did not end up here by accident.

If you found this site, you probably live with, work with or have an interest in a special needs family, persons with special needs or special needs parents. If so, you are in the right place.  The principal purpose of is helping special parents. Not just with advice but with tools that can actually give them time to care for themselves, each other and all their children. Here is the rub. The tools and services that can create this time cannot be engaged by the parents themselves. They need emotionally  involved help.

I am neither an expert nor a professional in any special needs related field. I am merely an experienced special needs parent. My bona fides can be found in the various posts entitled Our Story. Insights, research and advice from all sorts of professionals will grace these pages too. My mission encompasses education, service, inspiration and hope. My principal concern is the health and well being of special needs parents.

Special needs parents are badly in need of time to follow the advice of their professionals. In addition, they must have time to care for themselves and each other. Usually, the first casualties are self-care and the love relationship between the parents. Yes, sleep is self- care. And with the higher levels of stress, exercise is vital too. Proper diet, a social life and peace of mind are important aspects of self-care. Rested, healthy and happy parents are better able to care for their children. That is the real point of this blog, helping mom and dad in real, tangible ways.

If I can share something that gives peace, strength or hope to special needs parents, I am thrilled to do it. If I can help love ones, friends and neighbors help their special family; I will be achieving my goal. I hope you will elect to receive email notices about new posts.