The Eagerness and the Grin

The blasting winter wind was trying to slam the shop door. All her weight was committed against the door while she was shoving the wheelchair inside with one over taxed arm.

The kid appeared. He wedged himself against the door, grinning ear to ear.

When the door closed behind them, the kid said, “You OK?” He was still grinning.

Still winded, all she could do was nod. He was so eager. His appearance was so timely and welcome.

The kid peeked around the wheel chair, still grinning, “Hi there!” The bundle in the chair peeked out over a scarf, eyes dancing. The little head was awkwardly twisting up and around, trying to follow the grin.

“Gotta go, be late for school!!” With a short blast of wind, the kid was gone. The shop was quiet.

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